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RERUN REVIEW: Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

  March 6th, 2014     Rerun Reviews, Veronica Mars     1

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Have you ever had your favourite show cancelled on you before you were ready to let it go? Have you ever wished you could bring the show back in some way so the fun could continue? Fans of the cult favourite show Veronica Mars wanted more, and they were able to make their wish for a Veronica Mars movie come true by providing funding through Kickstarter. The film, which comes out in select theatres on March 14, takes place years after the series ended. It will be tons of fun for fans to see their favourite character come back to life on the big screen, as will it be great to have maybe a bit of closure after the open-ended impromptu series finale in Season 3. But what was so great about Veronica Mars that it needed a movie so long after it was over? In honour of the film, I’m dedicating a post to telling you a bit about the show so you can join in on the fun.

Veronica Mars is a show about a teenage private investigator. As a person who isn’t a huge fan of either spy shows or teenage soap operas, I was a little apprehensive about watching a show that seemingly combined the two, but decided to give it a shot anyway. What I quickly realized was that the show really is about much more than its description.

1. The show deals with loss: Veronica (played by Kristen Bell) becomes an investigator so that she can find out who murdered her best friend, Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried), and the impact it had on her and other characters is explored.

2. It deals with class division: at Neptune High there are students that have an abundance of wealth, and there are students with nothing. The way people treat each other based on the hierarchy of class is something that is explored, as well.

3. It also deals with familial bonds: Veronica has an incredibly close relationship with her father, Keith Mars (Enrico Colatoni), but we get to see other types of families and their struggles from the supporting cast.

4. Finally, the show deals with various struggles teenagers have to deal with just by being teenagers. The show can sometimes dip into the melodrama with this stuff, especially when it comes to the various romantic relationships, but it’s so well-plotted that everything balances perfectly in a complete, thrilling package.

It’s hard to discuss the show in length without giving away spoilers, as much of the thrill of it comes from the mysteries discovered along the way. Each episode usually consists of a Case of the Week, a mystery that Veronica has been paid to solve by a character normally only seen in that episode. While Veronica is out helping the residents of Neptune with their investigative needs, she is simultaneously solving a season-long case that all comes together at the end. As the show goes on, there are less one-episode cases and more focus on the bigger mysteries, which usually means that Veronica is spending time with the amazing supporting cast.

Of all the supporting characters on the show, the most interesting and complicated is Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). In the show, Logan started off as a bully and a jerk: one of the rich kids who was pretty horrible to anyone not of his status. He was the type of character that could never be redeemed, or so it seemed. Through exploration of his home-life, as well as his feelings over the death of Lilly, who was his girlfriend, we begin to find out why Logan acts the way he does. The development of his character is amazing to watch, as is the fact that Logan is pretty different from most teen bad boys on television. While Logan does have his fair share of brooding (which is welcome, as Dohring always knows how to bring the smolder), he’s also very witty, and is often used as comic relief. Basically, instead of a dumb surfer we get a three-dimensional character, something that isn’t always found on shows made for teens. The relationship that develops between Logan and Veronica is one of the show’s best aspects, and arguably its heart. Their relationship is a constant roller-coaster ride of emotion, but it works because of how atypical they both are for teenage characters.

Aside from Logan, we  are treated to a fairly large, diverse supporting cast, many of which are appearing in the film. I’ve already mentioned Veronica’s father, Keith, a former sheriff who lost his job because of the uncertainty surrounding Lilly’s death. After losing his job, Keith works as a private investigator, and Veronica learned how to investigate by working in his office. There’s Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Veronica’s best friend and frequent accomplice, and Mac (Tina Majorino), Veronica’s other best friend and also an accomplice, specifically when something tech-related needs to be done. There’s Weevil, a member of the PCH gang who Veronica befriends after the popular kids (called “09ers”) turn against her at school. There’s also Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen), Logan’s best friend and constant comic relief, and finally Piz (Chris Lowell), who befriends Veronica and Wallace in Season 3.

I won’t say too much more and risk ruining any of the many explosive moments that occur throughout the show’s run. All I’ll say is that fans of the show raised over $5 million of their own money so that they could see this show return. Rob Thomas (the show’s creator), Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast put so much effort in to see this show return. People don’t remain that devoted for something for over 7 years without it being something worthwhile to watch. There’s now a week until the film premieres, which gives you just enough time to watch the show’s 64 episodes. Once the show hits its stride in Season 1, you won’t be able to stop anyway, so you better start now!

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