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PLCD – Post LOST Complaint Disorder

  October 3rd, 2013     Lost     1

There is a very real* and very upsetting disorder that has arisen in many residents of the Western world in the past 3 years. Post LOST Complaint Disorder, better known as PLCD, is the condition that prompts one-time fans of the island-survivors-with-mysteries-show to bombard its creators with hateful and inaccurate comments about the show’s finale. These former fans were not satisfied by LOST‘s character-centric ending, and continuously express their disdain with the ending. The recent “perfect” finale of Breaking Bad has reminded those suffering with PLCD that their former favourite show had nowhere near as neat an ending as their current favourite. This would not be an issue if PLCD had no side effects, but alas, the disorder caused many of those affected to tweet their vitriol at Damon Lindelof, one of LOST‘s creators. Lindelof, a fan of Breaking Bad, was not able to enjoy the finale along with the rest of the fans due to the constant reminder that so many people hate something he put time and love into. Many of the complaints these people have aren’t even valid, complaining that the characters were dead the whole time (untrue) and that there were so many questions left unanswered (true, but this wasn’t the main focus of the show). The creators have said numerous times that the show started with the survivors of the flight, and that is how they wanted to end their show. People suffering from PLCD don’t understand that the creators are able to end a show however they see fit, as ambiguously as they want. They also can’t grasp that the show has now been over for 3 years, so no amount of complaining will change the ending to something they find preferable. There is only one cure for this vile disorder: common sense. Next time you hear someone say “WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE NUMBERS?!” sit them down, look them in the eyes, and say to them “It doesn’t matter anymore. The show is over. Move on.” Hopefully they will.

*PLCD is not yet recognized by any Health Care providers, but this may change if more finales are as neat as BrBa’s was. For a similar disorder see PSCD (or Post Sopranos Complaint Disorder).

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