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FILM REVIEW: Inherent Vice (2014)

  January 16th, 2015     Film Reviews     0

Inherent Vice, the latest feature film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, is not an easy film to describe. The same could be said for most of Anderson’s filmography, a short yet highly ambitious list containing only seven full-length features, but what sets Inherent Vice apart from the other six films is that it is an adaptation of a novel, more specifically a Thomas Pychon novel of the same name. Nobody has dared to adapt a Pychon novel before, and after watching the film, it’s not hard to see why. Like its source material, the film version is extremely complicated, recursive, and full of details that don’t really matter. Keep reading ›

‘New Girl’ Begins Season Four with its Strongest Premiere Yet

  September 19th, 2014     New Girl     0

Tuesday night was a pretty great night for FOX, as two of their three returning sitcoms aired their season premieres (New Girl and The Mindy Project aired, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return on September 28th) Both premieres were fantastic starts to the 2014-2015 TV season, with enough laughter and heart to sustain us for the week. While I enjoyed both episodes immensely, I decided to focus on New Girl‘s episode this week, though I hope to cover The Mindy Project at some point this season. Keep reading ›

‘The League’ Returns to Form for its Season 6 Premiere

  September 5th, 2014     The League     0

Television shows, especially comedies, tend to get pretty stale after their first few seasons. It’s not that the shows become unwatchable; they just lose the initial sparks that make every joke land and every plot-point feel completely original. The staleness is inevitable, but occasionally a show will pull out of its slump and prove that it still deserves its spot on the air. Last night’s 6th season premiere of The League was definitely an example of  a show pulling out of its slump; the episode could have easily felt worn-out, but instead it excited me for the season to come. Keep reading ›

Reality Ever After — The ‘HIMYM’ Finale (Spoilers)

  April 1st, 2014     How I Met Your Mother     7

Audience expectations are often a huge factor when viewers decide their thoughts on an episode of television, specifically when it comes to the series finale. Throughout a show’s run, viewers expect the writers to subvert their expectations, to take the story and characters they’ve invested time and energy in to new and exciting places that they wouldn’t be able to come up with themselves. If something occurs that is too out-there for the show, or that messes with the status-quo, there can be backlash–and viewers can be lost–but audiences tend to be more forgiving if they believe that everything has a purpose. This forgiving nature does not apply to a series finale, because there is no room left for explanation. Fans invest in shows, and because of that they feel they are owed the ending they pictured, which often is not the ending the creators and writers want to give. Keep reading ›

‘The Good Wife’ Blindsides Everyone (Major Spoilers)

  March 24th, 2014     The Good Wife     1

Death is often the most powerful — and most used — way to shake things up on a television program. Countless shows have used the death of a major character to breathe new life into a long-running show by giving a foolproof way to create dramatic storylines and explore established characters further. Many of the most heart-wrenching moments in television history have occurred due to the exploration of death, likely because it is the most universal part of life. Everyone has questions about death, everyone experiences loss in some way, and everyone can feel the pain death brings.  Certain shows use a major death as a cop-out, a way to increase viewership because of the predictable buzz that comes after something so shocking occurs. After spending so many hours getting to know a character, we feel as though a real person has left us, and with that often comes real sadness. Keep reading ›