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Homeland Frustrations

  October 24th, 2013     Homeland     0

I just don’t know what to think about Homeland right now.

Never has a show gone from “must watch” to “ugh, do I have to watch?” so quickly. I know that many people began disliking the show last season, but I was still on board. Despite the show’s implausibility, it was still interesting. I kept watching because I felt invested in what was happening and in the characters, and now that feeling is gone. Never have I noticed these feelings more than when the twist was introduced this past episode.

SPOILER ALERT: Turns out Carrie has been working with Saul this whole time! A long con! That should be making me so excited! But I’m not excited, and that’s the problem. When the twist was introduced I had a moment of intrigue, which was then replaced with nothingness about 5 seconds later. This should feel like the turning point we were waiting for, where everything will finally start to get interesting. Instead, I realized I just don’t care anymore.

Part of this is my fault, due to a lack of patience. I watch so many shows that watching one I’m not invested in seems like a waste of time. But it’s also the fault of the show, for all the lackluster episodes so far this season. Ever since Langley was blown up, it feels like the writers have just been working to get themselves out of the corner they backed themselves into. Even if this twist spices up the story, I don’t know if I can feel the same way about the show as I did in seasons 1 & 2. The show already blew up the CIA, I don’t see what they can possibly do to create stakes that won’t feel like rehash. Once the writers get out of the corner, the show could go back to being great, but as of right now this isn’t the case.

The show is also spending way too much time with the Brody family for seemingly no reason. I didn’t care much about them in the first two seasons of the show, so I sure as hell don’t care about them now.  The worst of this occurs in Dana Brody’s romance escapades. I don’t feel as strongly about Dana as the rest of the internet seems to (I’ve read two articles about why she’s the worst character on TV, which I think is a bit harsh), but I also don’t see why so much time is being devoted to her and her romantic life. Unless the writers have something up their sleeves, it seems like her boyfriend will end up leaking her nude picture, which is not something I’m looking for in this show.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there’s still enough time for the show to become great again this season, we’ve only had four episodes. I could very well be eating my words next week. But i feel like I should be thinking about what will happen next, and I’m just not. As a person who values character development over plot, I need this twist to make me care about what happens to these characters again, not just to make the story more complicated.

Despite my frustrations with the show, I won’t stop watching Homeland yet. I came to this show for the story, but I stayed for the acting, which remains incredible. Claire Danes can do no wrong as Carrie Mathison, and I still look forward to see her various cry-faces on a weekly basis. If giving up Homeland means giving up Carrie’s cry-face, then I’m not ready to give it up just yet.

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