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‘The Good Wife’ Blindsides Everyone (Major Spoilers)

  March 24th, 2014     The Good Wife     1

Death is often the most powerful — and most used — way to shake things up on a television program. Countless shows have used the death of a major character to breathe new life into a long-running show by giving a foolproof way to create dramatic storylines and explore established characters further. Many of the most heart-wrenching moments in television history have occurred due to the exploration of death, likely because it is the most universal part of life. Everyone has questions about death, everyone experiences loss in some way, and everyone can feel the pain death brings. ┬áCertain shows use a major death as a cop-out, a way to increase viewership because of the predictable buzz that comes after something so shocking occurs. After spending so many hours getting to know a character, we feel as though a real person has left us, and with that often comes real sadness. Keep reading ›

My Top Ten of 2013

  December 30th, 2013     Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Enlightened, Game of Thrones, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Orange is the New Black, Rectify, The Good Wife     7

2013 really has been an absolutely incredible year of television. To honour these fantastic shows, I’ve decided to compile a list of my 10 favourite shows of the past year. Some shows have just begun, some have just ended, but all are worthy of recognition. My list is not numbered, and is posted in alphabetical order, because it’s impossible to choose one over another. There were certain shows I had to omit to keep the list down to ten — otherwise this post may have gone on forever — and so many more shows that I haven’t had a chance to experience yet. I look forward to 2014, where I will hopefully have to make an even harder decision than I did this year. Keep reading ›