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‘New Girl’ Begins Season Four with its Strongest Premiere Yet

  September 19th, 2014     New Girl     0

Tuesday night was a pretty great night for FOX, as two of their three returning sitcoms aired their season premieres (New Girl and The Mindy Project aired, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return on September 28th) Both premieres were fantastic starts to the 2014-2015 TV season, with enough laughter and heart to sustain us for the week. While I enjoyed both episodes immensely, I decided to focus on New Girl‘s episode this week, though I hope to cover The Mindy Project at some point this season. Keep reading ›

New Girl’s Quasi-Christmas

  January 8th, 2014     New Girl     1

TheĀ end of the winter hiatus occurred this week, bringing with it the mid-season premieres of most network shows. Shows that began in the fall usually use their post-Christmas return to do a bit of a reset from whatever happened in the first half of the season. The same cannot be said for New Girl, which returned last night with what seemed like its intended Christmas episode, an episode that would ordinarily be used to close the fall season, complete with self-reflection and personal growth. Keep reading ›

Shifting Dynamics in New Girl

  October 9th, 2013     New Girl     1

After having watched “The Captain”, New Girl‘s 4th (and best) episode of season 3, I’ve begun to feel an uneasinessĀ about where the show is headed. More specifically, I’m nervous about what the show will do with Schmidt. The show has managed to continuously grow and improve since season one by giving depth to all the characters. Even Winston, the least developed character on the show, has gotten more character development this season. While New Girl started out as an uninspired show about a main character moving in with three incredibly broad roommate-types, it has evolved into a hilarious and heartwarming show with an ensemble cast. Nick and Jess’s relationship has developed throughout the 3 seasons, which has caused the show to head in a new direction, as well as gave the characters an organic way to keep moving forward. I’m worried about Schmidt because it feels like he’s getting left behind. Keep reading ›