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‘Community’ Returns with Lessons for Everyone

  March 2nd, 2014     Community     3

After the long, hard two weeks when the Olympics ruin the hopes and dreams of all television fans by causing the TV schedule to look like an empty abyss where our only options are to be patriotic and watch the games (Go Team Canada!), or settle for reruns of those shows we should be getting new footage of, the regular programming has returned. Of all the shows that returned this week, Community‘s latest ┬ástuck out to me as the best of the bunch. This week’s episode “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality” (which, can we take a moment to marvel at how hilarious and misleading that title is?) was a return to the bittersweet, emotional core episodes, like “Mixology Certification” and “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” that this show is so good at doing. With the additions of Chang, Duncan, and Hickey to the study room table, it was much easier to pair characters off, so we ended up with multiple storylines where our favourite characters are able to grow. Keep reading ›

Bon Troyage, Troy Barnes

  January 24th, 2014     Community     2

Community broke me.

Last week, I wrote about how I was surprised at the amount of emotion Pierce’s death was handled with. The show managed to give a fitting farewell to possibly the least-loved character, one that highlighted his virtues and nearly brought me to tears. I knew that if Pierce’s death was such an emotional moment, there was no way that the departure of one of the most-loved characters would be anything other than a giant sob-fest. Keep reading ›

Rest in Pierce

  January 18th, 2014     Community     2

Community, the little-watched, much-loved sitcom-that-could returned for its fifth season this year with its creator, Dan Harmon, at the helm. Harmon, who was fired in between seasons 3 and 4, has been brought back to correct the numerous mistakes that were made during last season, which was referred to as the “gas-leak year” during this season’s first episode, “Repilot”. There was a ton of curiosity surrounding this season, specifically about whether it would live up to the high standards Harmon set for himself during his first three years on the show. I’m happy to report that so far, four episodes in, the show has been as good as it ever was, and that Harmon very clearly knows what he’s doing. Keep reading ›